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The Life of Gyula Reichert

by Rozalia Makai

"Now the Lord is the Spirit,
and where the Spirit of the Lord is,
there is freedom."
(2Cor 3:17)

He was born as a child of an evangelical pastor's family in Kistormás (Tolna region) on 19 June 1886. His father, who was a pastor, educated him stricktly with the aim to see him as an evangelical pastor later on. He did it forcing him. Finishing the Sopron Grammar School he wanted to choose to be a teacher, but because of his father forcing him, he attended Sopron Evangelical Theology for three years, and then in the last year he studied in Germany in Erlangen Theology.
He graduated as an evangelical pastor in Pápa in 1909. After this he started to work as a chaplain in Paks, and worked with dean Horváth.

From 1911 to 1915 he worked as an evangelical pastor in Kaposszekcső. His wife, Elza Terplán Elza, was a primary school teacher in this small town. At the beginning of the First World War the director - teacher of Kaposszekcső became a soldier, so Gyula Reichert and his wife had to teach general studies and faith to the children in this town.

In this hard war-time era, he finally got saved by God, became christian, and let Jesus Christ become his personal saviour. He started to deal with children and adults seriously and help them spiritually.
He confessed the importance of getting saved openly in front of his pastor friends. As a result, a serius avaikening started to appear in the evangelical congregation. In Kaposszekcső all the saved people stood beside the saved pastor, and all the rest became his enemy, just like the pastors of neighbouring villages.

His wife, after their second child was born, became ill and died immediately in 1915. He brought up his two orphan children for four years. As a saved pastor, he got a lot of hardship, within the evangelic church. Strugling for thruth without getting tired, he finally found a saved congregation in Szerémség, which is in today's Jugoszlavia territory. In the Sidski Bánovci region, András Kettenbach - a saved proprietor of a mill and his saved son - who was also a pastor - became his christian friends. He found his home here and the christian conferences and church. He married Emma Kettenbach, the youngest daughter of András Kettenbach in 1919.
In Szurcsin town, he received the task to lead an evangelical church again, and after very hard months, in 1920 he stopped to be an evangelical pastor.
From 1921 to 1923 in Dombóvár he worked as a metodist pastor, but he disagreed with the baptism of babies, so he stopped this work too. He did not stop to search the Bible continuously, and God showed him the baptism of adults, without the influence of anyone, as the way for him to follow.
He obeyed this command of God, and he became baptised by a saved christian pastor in Transdanube, in a little stream.

From 1924 to 1927 he lived in Kiskunhalas with his family. His family life was full of probations too, since their first three children from his second marriage died babies. In Kiskunhalas he had strong relation with the baptist brothers and sisters. János Maróti - a predicator in Kiskunhalas became his good friend, and they worked together - blessed by God - for God and for the benefit of people.
In 1927 he was invited to Canada, the town of Vinipeg, by a baptist pastor. He wanted to accept the invitation, and they reached Antwerpen town in Belgium with his family, when his eldest son Pál got an eye-illness caused by the marine climate; and he could not get cured in Antwerpen. The family was not let onto the ship going to America, because of this health problem. and they came back to Budapest and settled in Rákosszentmihály.

The Life of Dr. Ferenc Kiss (1889-1966)
Kossuth-prize medical professor

Brother in Christ Dr. Ferenc Kiss medical professor gave him work at the University of Medicine as a librerian. Since this time, the worked as a pastor in the congregation of Brothers and Sisters together with Dr. Ferenc Kiss and Aladár Ungár .
Because of his Alians thinking, he soon became friend of Dr. Imre Somogyi president. He took pert of the Baptist mission. He preached the Word of God in his mother tongue - German - at the Wesselényi street German language Baptist Congregation. In the paper entitled Békehírnök he often published articles on faith. In his last years he held lessons at the Baptist Theology Seminar.

His work in the field of literature he was also blessed by God.
He published books:
"Ama fényes hajnali csillag"
(That brightful morning /dawning/ star),
in two volumes,
"Hívő kereszténység" (Saved Christians)
and "Az Ő teljességéből"
(From His entirety).

From 1938 to 1939, the last two years before his death Béla Fejér and Árpád Fülöp asked him to lead the Baptist Church in Rákosszentmihály, for free. During these blessed two years this small church grow bigger even in spirit as in number. He even started to make the meeting room bigger, adding a part to it.

Beside his work in the office, his wide range of spiritual work, visiting ill people, helping those who asked for his spiritual advice, and leading his family with six children, missing free time and studyung the Word until midnight even until dawn, and writing "Ama fényes hajnali csillag" (That brightful morning /dawning/ star) pressed more and more his physical strenght and health.

In sring of 1939 he became ill immediately, with cancer, and Dr. Kiss tried to cure him at Clinics on Üllői Street. Two weeks before his death he was let to go home to his family as incurable ill. The Lord's angel appeared to him in a deam and said to him: "Arrange your house, because you are going to die!" Resigned himself to the will of God, he already wrote his death notice in the hospital because he did not want to praise any human in it.

Two days before his death, he said good buy to his wife and six children and praied with each of them one by one. His youngest child was six years old, the eldest was 26.

He did not deal with worldly things.
He said: "I happily go to the heavenly home to serve my Lord because I know God will take care of my wife and six children all the time."
On 4 December 1939, with such a strong faith, at the age of 53, free from fear of death, he gave his spirit to his beloved Lord, Christ.

"Remember the ones leading you,
who have spoken to you the word of God;
and considering the issue of their manner of life, imitate their faith."
(Hebrews 13:7)

How wonderful the Lord is in all his acts!

His Holy Name be praised!

"Blessed be the memory of the thrue!"
Jesus Christ is alive and is waiting for you too.

Compiled by Rozalia Makai

Translated by Eva Varga

THE THREE CROSSES by Dr. Ferenc Kiss
medical professor in Hungary


Jesus is my life, strength, peace.
Jesus is my companion, my joy.
I trust in You. You are the Lord.
I do not have any fears any more because You live in me.
I do not have any fears any more because You live in me.

Jesus lives!
Halleluja! MARANATHA!

Translated by Eva Varga

BIOGRAPHIES by Rozalia Makai

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"I will sing to the LORD all my life;
Iwill sing praise to my God as long as I love."
(Psalm 104:33)

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